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Oct 6, 2012 8:45pm EDT
and we need reform to that end. john mccain, thankfully, has been one representing reform could two years ago, john mccain was the one who pushed so hard for the fannie mae and freddie mac reform measures. they did not want to listen to him and would not go to the reform needed then, think that the alarm has been heard and there will be greater oversight thanks to john mccain's bipartisan efforts. even suspended his own campaign to make sure that he was putting politics aside and putting the country first. >> and senator biden, how, as vice-president, would you work to do with the polarization in washington? >> that is what i have done my whole career. dealing with violence against women and putting more police officers on the street to try to get something done about the genocide and what is going on in bosnia, i have been able to reach across the aisle. but it is fair to say that i have almost as many friends in the republican side of the aisle as i do in the democratic side of the aisle. until two weeks ago, it was two months ago that john mccain said that the fundamental view of the e
Oct 7, 2012 2:00pm EDT
reform to that end. now, john mccain thankfully has been one representing reform. two years ago, remember, it was john mccain who pushed so hard with the fannie mae and freddie mac reform measures. he sounded that warning bell. people in the senate with him, his colleagues, didn't want to listen to him and wouldn't go towards that reform that was needed then. i think that the alarm has been heard, though, and there will be that greater oversight, again thanks to john mccain's bipartisan efforts that he was so instrumental in bringing folks together over this past week, even suspending his own campaign to make sure he was putting excessive politics aside and putting the country first. >> you both would like to be vice president. senator biden, how, as vice president, would you work to shrink this gap of polarization which has sprung up in washington, which you both have spoken about here tonight? >> well, that's what i've done my whole career, gwen, on very, very controversial issues, from dealing with violence against women, to putting 100,000 police officers on the street, to trying to g
Oct 10, 2012 9:00am EDT
? what makes you angriest at john mccain, the republicans, what's being said about your husband that you want to shout from the mountaintops is not true? >> it was one of the most moving moments in my life, to come across that bridge with this group of kids i've never met before, but we were all together. and that's the sense you get here, we're at the parade route where the president's going to review the parade. this sense of family, of the country coming together, that's what people are looking for, i think. >> al, i'd love to tell you that i have no idea what you're talking about, that everybody here kept their emotions thoroughly in check during the ceremony, but i'd be lying to you, my friend. i'm hoping to find you in a reflective mood on a cloudy day. we're the first to speak to you coming off your summer vacation. how does it recharge you, what do you think about, what do you see, what do you read about? how are you thinking about your job these days? ♪ >> all right. there you have i, our four finalists. now, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to vote with everything at your d
Oct 8, 2012 10:00am EDT
that big and we feel we have momentum and the next day john mccain announces sarah palin as vice presidents. you could just feel something all of a sudden. people can say what about how ready she was, but in that moment sarah palin made a pretty grand entrance onto the national stage. she blew through. i often talk about that as hurricane sarah. we had the republican convention. there were two hurricane events in my mind. they had to cancel the first day of their convention and then there was hurricane sarah. the head wind was still for about 18 days. john mccain came out of his convention in september with a three-point lead. that stretched to about six or eight points in mid september. the alarm bell sounded and people were saying the same thing they had said a year ago. we started to hear about the strategy, we were not strong enough, we had not hit hard enough at mccain. people that are decided we were going to lose, so we were starting to feel all this pressure. then september 15 comes and that's when wall street collapsed and john mccain was on the look -- hook for six words -- "the f
Oct 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
was a lawyer for john mccain which i thought was a very important job. nothing like being a lawyer for stephen colbert. maybe one day i can say i work for comedy central, too. i want to give you a brief overview. this is a graphic we ran in "time" magazine at the end of july, we are trying our best to project with the money would come from and what the differences would be in terms of the various sides. the point we're trying to make, one that there is a real difference in political money strategy that they are employing the cycle. the obama campaign is heavily reliant on small dollars, regu under $2,500 from individuals. the campaign has total control over and can spend as they want. th usa whie we sangaybe millearlier. since then, the super pak sets and in a huge wave is sumner. when romney wins, he does not have the money he needs to compete with obama. he relied heavily on super pacs to do is advertising. this is not technically coordinated advertising. trevor can get into the realities there. it had some obvious positive affect in holding parity with the president as he issued a blisterin
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
into being a good debater. the only time i thought he was a superb debater was with john mccain. they really had to knock him out to do that. he is a competitor, he will be back, but romney has done this consistently through the campaign. he has been a very good debater when he had to be. he had good debates in the primary when he needed to. obama, this was a missed opportunity. looking down all the time was lethal. >> colby, where was the president's fastball? >> he did not have it. he did not have anything. they are dancing in end zone now, the republicans, but we're not even yet at halftime. the president did not bring his game, and you cannot blame anybody, the moderator, jim lehrer, how he handled it, the remarks of romney. fair warning is fair play. he knew what kind of debater romney was. all he had to do was look at the videotapes from florida, and he did a lot of things wrong, the optics were wrong, looking down, he did not have the responses he should of had. he let romney get away with saying things, like this comment on medicare, which was not true. >> he never mentioned the oppo
Oct 5, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. the only time i thought he was a superb evader was with john mccain, and they really had to knock him up to do that. he is a competitor, he will be that, but romney has done this consistently brought the campaign. he has been a very good debater when he had to be. he had good debates in the primaries when he needed to. obama, this was a very big missed opportunity. looking down all the time was legal. >> colby? where was the presence fastball? >> he did not have it. he did not have anything. they are dancing in the end zone, the republicans, but they are not even at halftime. the president did not bring his game. you cannot blame anybody, not the moderator, jim lehrer, how he handled it, you cannot blame the remarks of romney. the president, i believe, fair warning is fair play. he knew exactly what kind of the bitter romney was. he only needed to look at the videotape from florida. he did everything wrong. the optics were wrong, looking down, not looking at him in the eyes. he did not have responses. he let mitt romney get away with saying things, like this $716 billion number for medic
Comedy Central
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
'm-- ( laughter ) i guess i am just asking-- >> i don't, either. ( laughter ). >> jon: that ad allowed john mccain, john mccain allowed him to laugh at you. ( laughter ) to laugh at you for using a cartoonish, child-like figure to invigorate your campaign. that's mccain who was saying that. ( applause ) that's got to hurt. but haters gonna hate, right? hater's gonna hate, the media, the republicans. but at least you're still fighting the good fight, children's literacy. >> obama for america says it's reviewing a request from the sesame workshop to stop airing the ad. >> jon: oh! et tu, big bird? i have-- i may have mixed languages on that. all right, so lesson learned. maybe this will be a wake-up call to the president. to recapture some of that vigor and enthusiasm of '08, when a passionate candidate and committed base of supporters, artists. yesterday the commander in chief headed to ohio state university to speak to the youth once again with will i am in. perhaps this would be the moment to utline the grand vision in the niewrt. >> it may sound silly, and you may laugh, but this is the theme s
Oct 9, 2012 9:00pm PDT
in the middle of fox's election night coverage was on tv gaming out john mccain's chances of pulling out a win that night. he said during their election coverage, quote, if senator mccain loses ohio he goes from 286 electoral votes, which the republicans carried in '04, down to 266 and that puts him below the 270 needed to win the white house. so he would not only need to sweep the rest of these states which were won by the republicans in '04, he would also need to pick up something as well. at that exact moment as carl was saying on fox news as part of their coverage that john mccain basically had to win ohio or else, while carl rove was saying that live on fox, fox got word that the state of ohio had not, in fact, been won by john mccain. it was won by barack obama. mr. rove was right that night. that was game over for john mccain. by winning the great state of ohio, barack obama won the presidency. mr. obama closed off john mccain's path to the white house by taking that one giantly important swing state, and it was all over. in presidential politics ohio is a must-win. for republicans, win
FOX News
Oct 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, in the primary when john mccain was the candidate? he tended to like to talk about data, and we even joked how he was so focused on data. >> paul: right. >> this time around, mitt romney came out and talked about people he had met, a woman with a baby in her arms who told him how difficult it was, a couple that was not able to afford their health care. and you know, he, i think, made the points that he needed to make about the data, but he humanized them and i think that was a great achievement of his on debate. >> paul: health care distraction from job creation, you inherit a recession, a financial crisis, and instead of focusing on that, romney is saying, you spent two years trying to pass one of your big priorities in social legislation and that's hurt job creation, a powerful point. >> yeah, it's a good point, but i think the health care issue is not going to go away in this debate. we're going to hear more of it. barack obama was defending his idea of obamacare and medicare and said for instance, that medicare works because the insurance companies have to make a profit on top of their admini
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
with biden and palin and more than we saw at the top of the ticket with john mccain and barack obama. i think they are both trying to talk about the other as the best debater since cicero, as the cliche goes, but i think they will come out -- they are capable, and paul ryan makes a good point there. the joe biden affes we often hear about -- gaffes we often hear about come when he is going off the cuff in front of an audience. he is very disciplined when he wants to be, and he was during the debates during 2007 and 2008. >> let me follow-up on something that chris wallace asked, which is about the preparation. olson is playing joe biden in the preparation, and chris van holland -- hollen is playing paul ryan. who is guiding them? >> paul ryan spent much of last week and certainly the weekend at the wintergreen resort near charlottesville, virginia, doing mock debate and watching videos of joe biden. he watched biden's debate with sarah palin four years ago and watched a foreign-policy speech from earlier this year. paul ryan watched many of the 2007-2008 democratic primary debates where biden
FOX News
Oct 7, 2012 10:00pm PDT
you are supposed to talk. i don't know what it is. john mccain was always gentle and nice when it came to president obama. i thought he was far too nice i didn't understand it. i didn't understand obama as well either. maybe it didn't register the same way. but if you look at what mitt romney is doing, i think he has to get it. he is a terrific guy, a smart guy. he's a wonderful guy. great family man, mitt. he has to get tougher with respect to president obama. >> lots will depend on these debates. if you look at mitt romney had double digits lost by double digits. got beat in two debates by newt gingrich and rose to the occasion. he only has three chances in this case. he has to come out of the box. there seems to be this fear about taking on the president in a tough way. you think some of this is race? when you were running you were putting your hat in the ring the race card was brought up against you. you spent your entire life helping people of all races in the city of new york. >> that is true. a lot of people came to my defense. i was called a racist, bill clinton was called a ra
FOX News
Oct 9, 2012 3:00am PDT
. there not that kind of weapons that you tote around. similar to what john mccain said after the attack. >> gretchen: why is that important? apparently patrick kennedy who works as under secretary of state he gave unclassified information and there is no excuse for susan rice four days after that go on the sunday talk shows and saying it is about the videotape. she is in the inner circle of the administration . she would have known about it but it is unclassified according to the report. >> steve: that was before the attack. after the attack four americans dragged out and murdered there, we tried to get back. remember that story, the f.b.i. couldn't get back for weeks to the exact sight. >> brian: they were staying there 24 hours. >> steve: apparently there was -- this is where the white house in one of the instances fell down. they needed coordination between the libyans and department of justice and f.b.i.. the white house should have made that happen. they did not. people are starting to connect the dots. it looks like a cover up. last night on the bill o'reilly program. brit hume sat down with b
Oct 8, 2012 9:00pm PDT
mccain campaign produced a big package of opposition research on mitt romney. john mccain won the republican nomination fight against mr. romney. thereby winning the right to lose in the general election to barack obama. but earlier this year when mitt romney was running for the republican nomination for the second time, so he could earn the right to run against barack obama, earlier this year the mccain campaign opposition research against mitt romney from the last election found its way on to the interview. andrew kosinski found the research that the mccain put together and published it from beginning to end. it was essentially a how-to guide for running against mitt romney. all of his observed weaknesses, inconsistencies, political statements on the record. for people interested in politics and the political prospects of mitt romney. there were huge sections on mitt romney at bain capital buying up companies and then gutting them for their own personal profit. ten pages documenting his many stances on abortion rights. and there was this bit. gun control. gun control in the
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
.5 points in michigan. but when john mccain walked away from michigan with a month to go in 2008 and obama ended up winning the state here by 17 points i think it resulted in michigan not getting the love as a battleground state that it used to have. jenna: it's really interesting. you're saying that mitt romney cannot repeat the same mistake that john mccain made in his election. when you say that mitt romney has to come to the state and a pier, we know there are a lot of places he could go. where do you think he'd have the most impact, any candidate if they decided michigan is the place they are heading for next week, let's say. >> i'd say probably in the metropolitan detroit area. maybe mccomb county, western wayne county just outside detroit. jenna: what is the message, bill, that they would have to bring? >> i think first of all mitt romney would have to be very concern about what he's going to say about the auto industry at this point, answer more questions from a the democrats about his famous new york times editorial four years ago where he said let gm go bankrupt. i think he has t
Oct 13, 2012 1:45pm EDT
't stop john mccain. that is something we talk about. age, how women age faster than men. there used to be a gap between that generation, a new group that is coming up. so it is hard to point to somebody but the person i would point to is nicky haley. she has managed some things in south carolina very well where she has the advantage of ethnicity, bringing diversity to the republican party. confession for that one might argue the republican party needs diversity. >> we all looked at one another when bill and search -- asked this question. the pipeline is a little thin right now. suzanne martinas, governor of new mexico, if you buy this idea we elect more governors than we do members of congress, that is where the pipeline is likely to come from. she is very articulate. has only been in office a couple years. give her six years depending on how she does. she has the potential. elizabeth warren fa depending on what happens to. she is somebody everybody is going to look at. we need to get more women elected as part of this. we only have 17% of the congress as women right now. research h
Oct 6, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. in a those arenas, john mccain has taught me -- tapped me and cannot wait to work with me. >> i do not know any early education program he is supporting. we did not funded, but we can get back to that. with regards to the role of a vice president, i am sure the governor, with her principlend in my case with barack, barack -- i have a history of getting things done in the senate. john mccain with a knowledge that. i would be the point person with a legislative initiative in the united states congress. when asked if i wanted a portfolio, my response was no, but barack indicated that he wanted me to help him govern. give him my best advice -- he is president, not me. one of the things he said early on was he would pick somebody with a independent judgment and that would not be afraid to disagree with him. i look forward to working with barack and playing a constructive role in this presidency, bringing about the change it needs. >> we will have more from this date -- debate tonight. tonight, out watch the debate between cheney and edwards. the also have the debate between joe biden and pailin
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the hackers. last month republicans blocked the effort that senator john john mccain described as, quote: red tape. jennifer griffin at her post at the pentagon tonight. why did defense secretary panetta wait until this moment, he believes this is a pre-9/11 moment when it comes to the potential for a devastating cyber attack. his real message seemed to have been intended for iran. >> potential aggressors should be aware that the united states has the capacity to locate them and to hold them accountable for their actions that may try to harm america. >> shep, the pentagon is spending $3 billion a year on cyber security at this point. >> the defense secretary discussed somewhat used to be classified information on that saudi cyber attack. did he say which country launched this thing? >> he did not. but based on conversations we have had with current and former defense officials you need only read between the lines. >> iran has also undertaken a cob settered effort to use cyberspace to its advantage. >> the recent denial of service attack on bank of america is compleefd believed to have been a
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am EDT
a huge lead i ohio in the early voting in 2009 over john mccain. >> bill: he hasn't done it this time. >> it's not happening. no, it hasn't. and the margin is ver low and bee ethkotentially a prob g >>l: pemwh >> problem for barak obama. >> bill: when you say it is potentially a proximate it looks like you may be rooting for the president. i know you're not. that's why we have youn the air. we know you a fair job. sgooid wed owrr , w h the latest polling as brown up by 3. but then in another poll has warren up. who is going to weapon? >> too cse to call. in our poll we hadrrlu uritherrte enuhaas interesting was the president's margin, only 16 points. a lot of the other polling, including suffolk, the president was pollingigher. foba vsss over. that's the challenge bause it was 25% in may. it was only 19% in the september poll. so that's the big challenge for scott brown is getting people who are going to voteor barak a cr - agon r p >> we've got two other states to poll. so it will be the end of october. so it's a little bit of a wait. >> bill: we'll have you back when that happens
Oct 12, 2012 4:00am EDT
on these core issues. we asked john mccain about this and we'll get into that. first what was your reaction to last night's debate, was there a clear winner? vote the in our online poll which has already generated more than 130,000 votes. actually joe biden is currently in the lead with more than half of the votes. initially last night paul ryan was. >> paul ryan supporters got going very quickly and then the biden votes have taken over. >> i believe the margin is 52%. >> and then there's a bunch of people somewhere in the middle, i guess. but that's in the an insubstantial number of votes. >> so we'll see if we can hit 140,000 by the end of the show. not just us clicking over here. you can tell us what you thought on twitter, too. michael tweeting in to say what joe biden lacks in substance he makes up for by interrupting and talking over his opponent. voicing the view of many apparently from last night. katie says biden simply yells too much. do you agree? join the conversation. you can e-mail worldwide at, @cnbcwex, or reach us directly. jpmorgan will report at 7:00 a.m. eastern
Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> john mccain said at 9:00 in the morning that the fundamentals of the economy were strong. 11:00 that same day, two mondays ago, john mccain said that we have an economic crisis. >> we're tired of the old politics as usual and that's why, with all due respect, i do respect your years in the u.s. senate, but i think americans are craving something new and different. >> biden was on his best behavior, carefully aiming his attacks at her running mate, john mccain, not at palin himself. that was by design. >> he had to be careful not to be talking down to her in any way, not only because she didn't have any national experience but also because she was a woman, and both of those things are a little tricky to deal with. >> despite a lack of substance in many of her answers, analysts say palin did just fine in that debate. >> say it ain't so, joe. there you go again. >> partly because biden didn't challenge her directly much. >> it's good to see you all. >> later this week, biden will be on the debate stage once again against a much more seasoned politician this time and is expected
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 286 (some duplicates have been removed)